Month: September 2018

What is Private Blog Network Service?

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Do you aim at having high traffic to your website? If yes then Private Blog Network Service is the answer to your quest! These are service providers offering to set up a Private Blog Network (PBN) for your company so that the ranking in for the linked site can be increased in Google Search. So, what are PBNs or Private Blog Networks? Well! Private Blog Network is a collection or a network of many websites, which implement links to other websites.

How does a PBN service work?

There are many new business websites coming up each day alongside the already running existing ones. It so happens that the new businesses are on the lookout for a particular name for the domain. With the domain names, the issue that often arises is that the domain names cannot be duplicated. So what individuals do is that they have a particular name in mind for their domain related to their current business or an endeavor that they plan to take up in the future. They check the domain names and if it is available they book multiple domain names. Once the final domain name is selected and the website is live, after some years they no longer need the other domain names and hence they are not renewed. Individuals or organization then buy these expired domains and use them for setting up a Private Blog Network. These websites don’t have any data or any active content and just contain links to other moneymaking websites or websites for which the ranking needs to be increased. Hiring someone who provides Private Blog Network Service makes this process easier.

Is a PBN service better?

Private Blog Network Service is very close to the feature offered by Google Ads. By implementing Private Blog Networks, the need for Google Ads diminishes. The design of the Private Blog network is such that the ranking for the money-site increases thus displaying it on the top during the use of a search engine.…