Seedbox performance

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The performance on this box is determined by the storage input and output, CPU workload, network transfer rate, and memory consumption. When your Seedbox is running, the speed should be high but you may notice a significant downgrade in performance now and then. If your box runs is a shared environment it can have limited resources; you should always consider your shared hosts every time you get a performance issue. Generally, your box will generate a high HHD operation which can affect its general performance. Although the effect is only temporary, your box will be sluggish and unresponsive. This happens when the utilization of the box is high. Normally this issue goes away by itself. Even though the box is run by a fast modern processing unit, the workload can slow it down. Demanding tasks like video streaming, media transcoding, and file archiving may swallow all the power and cause more concurrency. Like the HHD operation slowdown, the box will start performing well on its own after a while.

However, if the CPU id loaded for a longer time and shows no sign of responsiveness you may need to deal with a professional. The data being sent back and forth by the host server will determine your upload and download speeds on the box. The more data you transfer, the more congestion there will be. Waiting and reducing the number of files being transferred will get the box back to normal. If the slow network continues for days, you should get a technical team to check out the box. The memory will be the least troublesome when it comes to the performance, but it can happen sometimes.  Each box has an allocated memory. When you put multiple demanding tasks and overburden the memory box with many processes